2012 Seminars


Apple Daily Deputy Editor-in-Chief Ms. Li-Mei Xu

▲ Apple Daily deputy editor-in-chief Ms. Li-Mei Xu came to school and shared news report experience in the industry. ▲ Ms. Xu shared with students about how to handle complaint/exploding news and the importance of news verification.

▲ Ms. Xu talked about the characteristics of NextMedia Co. and its success in creating "market-oriented" media in Taiwan. ▲ Ms. Xu seriously answered students’ questions, and encouraged students to strengthen practical exercises for taking the advantages of entering the media industry.










weReport Public Commissioning Investigation Report Platform
Editor Mr. Jing-Tang Lin

▲ weReport Public Commissioning Investigation Report Platform editor Mr. Jing-Tang Lin was invited on 12/24 to give a speech at MCU Journalism Department. ▲ Mr. Lin encouraged students to produce citizen journalism through the enhancement of journalistic professional capabilities.

▲ Mr. Lin expressed that there is a bias in news fairness due to the budget constraints, commercials and paid news in current media. Many college students involve in the activities of anti-media monopoly and supporting editorial independence, which represents the rising of media literacy. ▲ Mr. Lin thought that students of Journalism Department may get into the field of citizen reporters during the learning stage at school. This can cultivate the capabilities of media literacy and critical thinking.

▲ Mr. Lin used the report at peopo news web site by an NCKU Political Department student for the strike of Korean MBC TV station as an example to explain how to produce citizen journalism. ▲ Mr. Lin encouraged students whom intend to engage in journalistic jobs. To fulfill professional capabilities, students may start at the news events that they are interested in, and then produce the investigative or in-depth special reporting.

▲ Mr. Lin admitted that without financial supports, citizen journalists have to face budget pressure for producing news topics. Therefore, the purpose of establishing weReport Public Commissioning Investigation Report Platform is to provide a social supporting platform for citizen journalists to raise reporting funds. ▲ Finally, he encouraged students to fulfill their ideals of journalism by utilizing this platform and producing a beneficial news topic for the society, and let themselves have a wonderful experience in college life.