2020.08.31【Recommended articles】Zhang Zong Mou: There are 11 things college student can do

Many people’s  understanding of Zhang Zong Mou is after he success,but little people know his life  before he success.Eighteen-year-old Zhang Zong Mou , with his parents ,keep moving , sitting in the open air truck pulling with the rope tied to the way bumpy,to avoid the fire.He recalled no matter how comfortable and luxurious the recent travels, he missed the trail from Shanghai to Chongqing. The upheavals of the big ages made himself disciplined as a young man; He went to United States when he was eighteen years old, he received the world’s energy at Harvard.

Not long ago , he was speaking to thousands of students at the freshman entrance ceremony when he gave students a sentence from Newton, If I look further ,it’s because I’m standing on the shoulder of giants. He knows the success is not  an accident ,is  every effort of the time. The logic of competition is changing , but what remains the same is continuous effort. Zhang Zong Mou thinks college students should spend more time on eleven things: https://www.cw.com.tw/article/5012852