▲Lecturer Xu Boyu shared her career experience, both as a journalist and public relations, which obviously helped her grow.

Reporter/Luo Jiayu

On November 29, the Department of Journalism of Ming Chuan University delivered a lecture. Xu Boyu, an associate of the China Trust Investment Planning Department, returned to her alma mater to give a speech. She shared her career at various stages, as well as the abilities required for public relations and journalists. She also emphasized that if students want to become popular in the workplace, accumulating experience and continuous learning are the two keys.

Xu Boyu shared that after she first came out of society, she stepped into the radio industry, but after considering the radio ecology and economic depression, she decided to change her job track. Because she still had a longing for the media, she began to slowly accumulate financial strength, and after actively obtaining professional licenses, she succeeded in serving as a financial reporter. And she also encourages younger siblings to spend more time in college to obtain certificates and accumulate their own abilities as early as possible.

"The advantage of being a news reporter is that you can stand on the shoulders of giants and watch things." Xu Boyu said that the interview is a very lucky thing for her, because in the interview and chat process, there will be a kind of escape. The feeling of temperature has benefited a lot. What's interesting about being a reporter is that you can experience things that are usually difficult to experience, such as interviewing industry leaders and heavyweights, and having in-depth conversations with them. These experiences are very valuable, and sometimes they just happen to chat with the interviewee, and then become friends. This is also an important key to accumulating one's own contacts. Don't underestimate these connections. Later, one of the opportunities for her to transition from a journalist to public relations was also because of the good media relations she cultivated with her heart.

Speaking of the pressure of being a financial reporter, she shared that she had been sent abroad by the chief executive to participate in at least 3 foreign language forums a day, and immediately produced a large number of press releases, although the organizer arranged for translation throughout the process. , But she still chooses to rely on her English proficiency to write while listening to the speech. She said: "Everyone thinks that a business trip is great, but what actually gets in return is the overtime work and pressure behind it."

She said that if reporters are looking at things on the shoulders of giants, then public relations are the small screws in the enterprise. The scope of the work of public relations, in addition to helping the company and the media to build a good relationship, analysis of media exposure and problem-solving skills are all basic skills required for public relations. She smiled and said that outsiders always admire the brilliance of public relations, but in fact, public relations are really not as easy as imagined, and there are many tedious tasks to be completed.

▲Xu Boyu encouraged students to accumulate more experience in college and prepare for future career goals.

When it comes to your 20-year-old worries, what most people worry about should be the direction of future employment. She shared with students how to make herself a sought-after talent in the workplace. The first point is to accumulate a lot of experience. When you are in college, you should consider your goals and directions. If you are still confused and can't find a direction, try one by one. Rely on the "deletion method" to find a job that is really suitable for you. You can start to continue to work hard and accumulate experience professionally.

The second point is continuous learning. She used herself as an example. Due to the raging epidemic in recent years, most of the activities were held online. Therefore, she began to get in touch with the skills of editing videos. At the same time, she also realized that forever I don't know when the skills I have learned will come in handy. In order to seize every opportunity, I will persevere diligently and enrich myself so that I can be steady in the workplace in the future.

In the last speech, she encouraged everyone to use the deletion method when there is no direction, try more, it doesn't matter if you fail! He also mentioned that if you manage more contacts now and regard harmony as your value, you will definitely have unexpected gains in the future.

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▲Director Yang Zhilin shared his career story with the younger siblings of Ming Chuan University/Photographed by You Yuting

Reporter/You Yuting
Director Yang Zhilin of the movie "Hear Songs Sing Again" shared his own story and his professional spirit with students from the Department of Radio and Television at Ming Chuan University on the 19th. He said that entering the film industry requires an appreciation of different cultures in order to have a way to communicate, and then resonate, and only then can the works produced get repercussions.

For students in the Department of Radio and Television, he said that if you already have a good skill, you must continue to learn new technologies to stay competitive, but the appreciation of other affairs is also very important, so you can understand things only after encountering difficulties. It’s difficult and easy to adjust to the situation.

Yang Zhilin said that when he was in college, he wanted to work in the film industry, so he grasped every assignment and tried to use the form of video presentation, so that he could accumulate experience through practice.

Even so, he joked that because the college classmates are too good, he will never be that special person, so he has never been in charge of shooting, controlling the machine character, but making props, scripting thoughts, and executing the production. Once he has done it, he has never touched a machine, but this kind of experience, on the contrary, after he leaves society, he has good adaptability and can respond effectively and quickly.

He also emphasized with his younger siblings that if there is an opportunity to do something that can be controlled, then don’t finish it lightly and don’t miss the opportunity to face failure, because now is the time to try, and the only way out of society is " "Yes" and "No", "The difference between 0 points and 100 points".

He also mentioned that when he receives a case, he will have a requirement for himself, even if it is a subject matter that he does not like, he must be up to the standard, and if he likes the subject matter, he must be up to the standard.

Finally, he said earnestly that the most important thing as a communicator is to "think" and encourage students to think more, but in the face of difficulties, they must think simple and make the most suitable decision at that moment.
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▲At the beginning of the meeting, the Director of the Department of Journalism, Mr. KONG, LING-XIN, made an introduction on the current situation of the news media.

▲During the meeting, the foreign guests listened attentively to the director’s introduction to the journalism course and future planning.

▲Director HE, XU-CHU of Fu Jen’s Department of Journalism and Communication explained the recommendations for the course of the Department of Journalism.

▲CHEN,CAI head of the Department of Radio, Television and Film Studies at Shih Hsin University, explained the rapid development and planning in response to new media changes.

▲The representatives of journalism students explain their views on journalism courses and the direction they wish to adjust in different positions.

▲ZHANG, YU-LIANG, a professor and dean of the School of Social Sciences at the Nanhua University, suggests that social career planning be rounded up into a curriculum map.

▲Central News Agency International and cross-strait news center reporter LIAO, ZONG-HAN alumni said that from the practical world to see the journalism department courses, different careers will have different courses, the department to traditional media-based, network communication, new media courses, at this stage in the presentation of the website can be adjusted.

▲Director HE, XU-CHU of Fu Jen’s Department of Journalism and Communication, encourages everyone ,journalism department in the school curriculum planning can not catch up with the changes in the industry, so should focus on the foundation, the most basic core values will not changes.