Curriculum planning

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2020Ming Chuan University curriculum framework pdf
Required Courses Credits
Video News Production I 2
Video News Production II 2
Internet Journalism 2
Communication Practice I 3
Communication Practice II 3
Personal News Website Design 2
Required Courses Credits
Content Production System I 2
Content Production System II 2
News Reporting and Writing I 2
News Reporting and Writing II 2
Advanced Computer Editing Soft Ware 2
Precision Journalism 2


Required Courses Credits
Principles of Communication I 2
Principles of Communication II 2
Communication Research Methods I 2
Communication Research Methods II 2
Special Lecture Series 2
Journalistic Ethics and Laws 2


Six Core Competences

  • The basic professional ability of integrated communication
  • Effective presentation skills
  • In-depth journalism expertise
  • Practical ability
  • Broad basic knowledge ability
  • Problem solving skills


Credit Score

School credits


General Education Credits


Major compulsory credits


Professional elective credits

(recognizedcredits from other departments: 20)


Graduation credits