1. Academic training in journalism.


Following the teaching concept of our university and school, the mission of the Journalism Department of Ming Chuan University is to cultivate talented journalists.  Our department combines theoretical and practical courses to cultivate professional news media personnel with responsibility, news writing & editing skill and international field of vision.



2. Fostering professional journalistic specialists.



The course framework for the first- and second-year students focuses on the foundation courses of MCU, and the basic and professional courses of the School of Communication.  This curriculum design helps students to gain more understanding about the professional field in the media environment.  For the third and fourth year students of Journalism Department, the course framework includes the study of journalism and related professional courses.  Journalism Department insists on the education and application of timely communication technology to make sure our graduates can stay current with the trends in the media industry.  This kind of program design enhances students' competitiveness in employment.



3. Training professionals in integrated communication.



To cultivate the professional news media personnel who know how to integrate news information well, and also focus on the ability of academic research, the integration of communication education is enhanced to improve students' understanding in the field of communication.  Some courses are co-taught in small classes by professors well versed in journalism theory and senior journalists with practical expertise in the news media industry, such as the courses of "News Principles and Editing" and "News Reporting and Writing".  In addition, the required subject "Graduation Thesis" can strengthen students' academic training and improve the abilities of independent research.  To resolve students' learning difficulties in a timely manner, participation and discussion in the class are required.



4. Cultivating journalists with a sense of social responsibility.



The strict training of media practices not only improves students' professional journalism skills, but also encourages students to adapt to teamwork and social responsibility concerns.



 5. Cultivating professional news media personnel with a sense of global vision.



Journalism Department provides additional lessons in English to create an international learning environment and strengthen students' international competition capabilities. In addition, Journalism Department is actively developing international academic interaction to boost academic exchanges for faculty, and enhance students' understanding about the international media news field.