Excellent Graduation Thesis / Portfolio


Academic Year 2016  Excellent Papers of Journalism Department

No. Department Name Title Advisor
1 Journalism Department

Sheng-Wen Huang

Yuan Fang

Yu-Qian Huang


Transmedia Adaptation of Classic Literature and Audiences Respond: with "Little Prince" and Adaptation of Animation as Reference Objects .

Yu-Chai Lai
2 Journalism Department

Xin-Ying Du

Xin-Yi Zhu 

Shi-Yi Chen 


Study of Online-Newspaper Operational Models for New Media in Taiwan ─ Cases Study on The Storm Media, The Reporter, Up Media and Mirror Media

Ling-Hsin Kung


2014 Excellent Graduation Thesis / Portfolio of School of Communication
No. Department Name Topic Instructor
1 Radio & TV Chun-Yu Lim,
Yao-Hsien Hsieh,
Tzu-Chi Lien
Portfolio:Ling Gan Nan Chao-Liang Chou
2 Radio & TV Shang-Yu Lin,
Chia-Chi Chang,
Yu-Hsuan Cheng,
Kuan-Lin Liu
Portfolio:The Inside of the Insight Kung-Yi Chen
3 Advertising Yi-Shang Chang Portfolio:Fish and Freedom Hsiu-Li Kuo
4 Advertising Meng-Chen Lee,
Yi-Wen Liu,
Ting-Hsuan Liu
Portfolio: Brick Planet’s Integrated Marketing Plan
-The Adventures of Brick Planet
Shu-Fen Yu
5 Advertising Kha-Man Wong,
Weng-Hei Kok
 The Study of Relationship among Experiential Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty
-a case of Eslite Xin Yi Music
Po-Yu Chen
6 Communication Managements Hsioa-Lui Lim,
Cher-Zen Kiar
 The Research of Diversification and Cross
-Media’s Impact on the Media Industry-Eastern Multimedia Group as an Example
Yu-Nu Lu
7 Communication Managements Chia-Wen Hsieh  Portfolio: A discussion to Internet Effect for Human Behavior Yu-Jie Wu
8 Communication Managements Ting-Ray Huang,
Pin-Yan Huang,
Wai-Pen Lai
 Portfolio:Face Shu-Fei Chang
9 Journalism Seng-Pan Un  Portfolio: Cage Ling-Hsin Kung
10 Journalism Jia-Jen Chau  Audience Analysis of the Reception of the Environment Documentary
-Take the Work “±2C” as an Example
Yu-Chai Lai
11 Journalism Tai-An Chen  Portfolio:The Silence Kyoto’s Journey Yu-Yi Chen


2013 Excellent Graduation Thesis / Portfolio of School of Communication
No. Name Topic Instructor PDF


 Portfolio:LING GAN NAN

 Portfolio:The Inside of the Insight Chen,Kung-Yi  
3 CHANG,YI SHANG  Portfolio:Fish and Freedom Kuo,Hsiu-Li  
 Portfolio: Brick Planet’s Integrated Makerting Plan-The Adventures of Brick Planet Yu,Shu-Fen  
 The Study of Relationship among Experiential Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty-a case of Eslite Xin Yi Music Chen,Po-Yu  
6 Lim,Hsioa Lui
Kiar, Cher Zen
 The Research Of Diversification And Cross-Media’s Impact On The Media Industry-Eastern Multimedia Group As An Example Lu,Yu-Nu  
7 Hsieh,Chia-Wen  Portfolio: A discussion to Internet Effect for Human Behavior Wu,Yu-Jie  
8 Huang,Ting Ray
Huang,Pin Yan
Lai,Wai Pen
 Portfolio:FACE Chang,Shu-Fei  
9 UN,SENG PAN  Portfolio: Cage Kung, Ling-Hsin  
10 CHAU,JIA JEN  Audience Analysis of the Receiption of the Environment Documentary-Take the work 《±2℃》 as an Example Lai, Yu-Chai  
11 CHEN,TAI AN  Portfolio:The Silence Kyoto’s Journey Chen, Yu-Yi  



2012 Excellent Graduation Thesis / Portfolio of School of Communication
No. Name Topic Instructor PDF
1 Huang, Yu-Chen

 The Relationship between 'Idol Adoration Behaviors', 'Money 
 Attitudes  and Behaviors' and 'Media Uses': A Study of
 Idol Group Lollipop F

Chiu, Chi-Hsuan
2 Chan, Sin-Teng  A series of advertisement: Experience Macau Chou, Chao-liang
3 Lin, Yun-Chieh
Chao, Yi-Wen
Hung, Yun-Fang
 Wonderful Kaleidoscope Huang, Shin Yi
4 Chen,Bor-Tsang  Guides to the Way Home Kuo, Hsiu-Li
5 Lei,Chien-Hua
Yen, Ling-Tien
Hung, Ruo-Yan
 The Influences of Product Placement and Brand Identity on
 Consumer Purchase Intention - An Example of Pop Music
Li, Pei-Fen
6 Yee,Yik-Lim
 A Research on the Influence of Taipei City New Media
 Marketing Model on the Cultural Identity of Consumers
Chen, Po-Yu
7 Shih-Ting Hsu  Image Narrative and City-marketing: An Example of the
 Work "Seedig Bale"
Lai, Yu-Chai
8 Lee, Yu Tian  Media Worker's Time Management Skills Chen, Yu-Yi
9 Li, Meng Ping  Analyzing Taiwan News Industry by View of Freedom of 
 Press and Media Self-Regulation – the Case Study of Want 
 Want Group's Acquisition
Chiu, Jui-Hui
10 Wong, Yu-Yin  The Study of Taiwan Film's Marketing Strategy: the Cases
 of  "You're The Apple Of My Eye" and "Warriors Of The
 Rainbow:  Seediq Bale"
Lu, Yu-Nu
11 Song, Yi-Jen  Image Building and News Issues in Political Advertising:  The
 2012 President Campaign AD of Ma Ying –Jeou.
Ni, Yen-Yuan
12 Lee, Wan-Chien
Liao, Wei-Ju
 A Research Study of Multimedia English Animation Story
 for  Engaging of Elementary School Students.
 Wu, Yu-Jie



2011 Excellent Graduation Thesis / Portfolio of School of Communication
No. Name Topic Instructor
1 Chen, Kung-Yien  To Investigate and Discuss the Influence of Transaction
 Cost Theory to Consumer Purchasing Choice – for Instance 
 Male and Female Beauty Supplies
2 Tsao, Pi-Ching  The Effect of Sales Promotion Type on Consumer's Perceived
 Value and Purchasing Intention in NARUKO Beauty Shoppong  Website
3 Yeh, Min-Hung  The Development of Citizen Journalism in Taiwan – A case  study on Taiwan Public Television PeoPo Platform Chen,Yu-Yi
4 Huang, Tzu-Wei
Lai, Szu-Yu
You, Yan-Shuang
 Investigating the Affecting Motives of the Audience Clicking  Online News – A case study on Students of Ming Chuan  University Hwang, Ting-Kai
5 Liu,Yan-Fu  Taiwanese Audience's Interpretation of "Fellowship" The
 Movie  "Monga" as an Example
Lai, Yu-Chai
6 Wang, Yueh-Chi  The Effcect of Emotions and Involvement on Boycott Yu, Shu-Fen
7 Ko, Lin  A Study in Brand Management of the Cultural and Creative  Industries of Taiwan – A Case study of Fenice Li, Pei-Fen
8 Lin, Pei-Jing
Chen, Yi-Fang
Chen, Chia-Ying
 "Love Environment, Save the Earth" the Orange House
 Promote  Strategy Proposal
Chang, Shu-Fei
9 Chung,Yi-Siou  I (Graduation Portfolio) Kuo, Hsiu-Li
10 Lin, Yu-Han
Hsu, Tzu-Shan
Wang, Chien - Hui
 Dream (Graduation Portfolio) Chiu, Chi-Hsuan
11 Chan, Hong-Zhee  The Encounter (Graduation Portfolio) Lu, Ray-chun