Hardware Equipment
There are three parts in digital multimedia experimental platform including news & information center,editing center (MOL digital editing platform), and electronic and print work center:
1.News & information center:with 8 news centers, in charge of updating news contents from digital multimedia experimental platform.
2.Editing center (MOL digital editing platform): in charge of news post and layout update of digital multimedia experimental platform website.
3.Electronic and print work center: integrating the production works of digital multimedia experimental platform to become digitalized value-added electronic and print works, including Medianews (every third day newspaper), Ming Chuan Internet TV, Ming Chuan Radio, Integrated Marketing Communication Center (IMCC), Ming Chuan TV station and Ming Chuan radio station.
Resources The professional resources of our school are as follows:



 IBM computer x13  Notebook x6  Domestic phone x1
 Fax machine x1  InDesign layout software and Photoshop image processing software



Ming Chuan TV station
Editing Room
Video Camera Section Equipment
 JVC GZ-HD7U DV video camera x13  FX-1 HDV video camera x3
 AX2000 HDR video camera x7  NX-5N HDR video camera x4
 EX-3 HD video camera x1  EX-1 HD video camera x2
Editing Room
Editing Section Equipment
 Premiere nonlinear editing system x7  Apple Final Cut Pro nonlinear editing  
 system x4
 EDIUS editing system x1  
Editing Room
Production Support
Section Equipment
 Handheld spotlight  Open-face Spot
 Microphone  Video recorder
 Recharger  Track
 Various wires  



Virtual studio
 Tapeless System Avid Media Composer: Nonlinear editing workstation, connection with Lanshare video sharing
 server of MOL editing center
 VIZRT digital studio system version 3.3: VIZRT artist life production unit, Content pilot control unit
 FOR-A VPS-700 digital image switching processing system
 Video camera Panasonic Full HD AG-HPX370 x2
 Audio broadcasting system: Mixer, CD player, Amplifier, Speaker x2



Ming Chuan radio station
Space Planning  Studio x6  Server facility x1
 Master-control room x1  Office x1
 Duty room x1  
Engineering Equipment  Microphone VP88  Multi-function mixer MACKIE Onyx1220
 Active speaker Genelec8030  MD recorder stand and CD-Player x1
 Sound effector ART  Advanced positioning controller DOMINATOR720
 Dalet radio station broadcast support
 system version 5.1
 Audio signal distribution amplifier DOD606AUDIO-
 Recorder stand stereo earphone ATH-
 UPS and sound effector MULTIVER BII



MOL Digital Editing Platform
Working Section
 Computer x10  Avid Composer nonlinear editing system
 Lanshare video sharing server  
MOL Digital
Editing Platform
 Computer x6  4 editing operations: draft reviewing, deep-
 report processing
 Avid Express x 2 :Nonlinear editing with build-in VIZRT, connection with virtual studio
TV Wall Computer Facilities  3 main TVs and 8 small TVs
 Outside channel connection, MOL website monitoring, Studio operations
 Lanshare server in computer facilities



Academia-Industry Cooperation Center
 Personal computer x1  Digital camera x1  Telephone x1
 Bookshelf x1    



Digital Media Communication Center
 IBM desktop computer x6  Notebook x10  Dreamweaver editing software
 Photoshop image process  Flash animation software  



Integrated Marketing Communication Center
 Multimedia computer x13  Notebook x2  Fax machine x1
 Mononchrome laser printer x1  Color laser printer x1  Digital publishing image setter x1
 Color inject printer x1  Scanner x1  Plastic Ring Binder x1
 Telephone x2  Digital TV x1  Projector x1
 Digital camcorder x2  Video recorder x1  Teaching–material presenter x1
 Books x150  Bookshelf x3  Public locker x1