Features of the Journalism Department

In response to the developments and changes in the media industry, adopt convergent and innovative models, and integrate traditional and new media, for integrated digital education and practical training

Cultivate professional news media personnel, by combining theory and practice into curriculum and teaching

Improve students' professional journalism skills and encourage students to adapt to teamwork through the strict training of media practicums to enhance students' competitiveness in employment

Nurture the ability of independent academic research, especially through the required "Graduation Thesis", to strengthen students' academic training

Enhance the integration of communication education to improve students' understanding of the overall field of communication, and increase their competitiveness in employment

Actively develop cross-strait academic interactions to boost academic exchanges for faculty, and enhance students' understanding about the media news field involving Taiwan and Mainland China

Create an international learning environment through providing additional lessons in English and strengthen students' international competition capabilities

Insist on education in application of timely communication technology to make sure our graduates can stay current with the trends in the media industry.