Future Prospects


Writing Reporter
Writing reporters must possess excellent writing skills. The main work includes news interviews, special subject reports, information collection, recording for print, broadcast and online journalism.


Press Photographer
Press Photographers must have professional photographic concepts and skills. Their aim is to capture the images to illustrate news stories. Press Photographers need to maintain up-to-date knowledge about current news stories and any specialist areas, and take the best possible photographs to record news, current events and lifestyle stories.


Public Relations Officer
Public relations is about managing reputation. Public relations officers utilize all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage goodwill and understanding between the organization and its public. The tasks typically involve writing news, holding news conferences, planning benevolent activities, and producing advertisements, etc.



Advertising Copywriter
Advertising copywriters generally work with clients to conceive, develop and produce effective advertising campaigns. Typical work activities may include liaising with clients and interpreting their briefs, advertisement copywriting, production of advertisement and corporation identity packages in the advertising industry or marketing department of a business enterprise. Professional abilities such as clear expression and accurate writing are needed.



TV News Anchor
TV news anchors must have fluent speaking skill, be good looking, and possess professional experience in news interviews and editing. The major task is reporting on news and current affairs. In addition, TV news anchors are responsible for assuming a public relations role, developing thorough special reports or producing news-related programs.



Newscasters examine, interpret, and broadcast news received from various sources. This requires distinct articulation, capability for interpretation of good manuscripts, and good sense of time management. Typical work activities include broadcasting news every hour or every half hour and selecting the important news from the flow of daily news within a limited time.



TV Photojournalist
TV photojournalists' work is similar to that of writing reporters, with the difference that TV photojournalists capture images to illustrate news stories instead of using text. They must develop a sense of capturing the best images to record news events. Furthermore, the task requires excellent techniques in video shooting, editing, and satellite news gathering (SNG) operations.



Dubbing Specialist
Dubbing specialists must be highly trained in oral expression through pronunciation courses, etc. Career developments include dubbing for cartoons, video games, foreign movies and TV serial programs.


News Editor
News editors in the journalism industry may be employed by newspapers, magazine publishers, on-line news media, TV stations and other news media industries. Tasks for news editors include completing the news production process that involves news writing, modification, news rewriting, topic production and layout.



Editors of Business Publication
Editors of business publications may work for companies that publish monthly or quarterly publications for marketing or maintaining customer relationships. For example, "HAVO Health magazine" is published by HAVO Preventive Medicine Institute.