Student Recruitment Information

108 University Fanxing Recommended Admissions Journalism Admissions Guide (PDFDownload)

108 University Individual Application Admissions Department of Journalism Admissions Guide (PDFDownload)

108 Exam Admission Distribution Department of Journalism (PDFDownload)

Institutes and colleges enroll assessment items and evaluation criteria for the selection of admissions for the 109 school year (PDFDownload)

109 Institutes and Colleges general regulations Department of Journalism (foreign language group Japanese category) (PDFDownload)

109 Institutes and Colleges Youth Savings Account Group Guide_Department of Journalism (PDF下載)

First category

  • Please take one minute to make an effective and most persuasive self-introduction.
  • What do you think you have to enter the journalism department?
  • How to prove that you have special qualities to enter the journalism department, please explain with examples.
  • Have you ever been exposed to activities related to the communication field during your studies? Experience or influence.
  • Talk about the outlook on life, how did you find your own outlook on life, and it will bring you an impact on journalism.
  • Tell me about your favorite book, the focus of the content and the inspiration for you.
  • Which subject or subject you are interested in learning so far, help you choose a department?
  • What have you most frustrated or achieved the most since you started studying, and how did this affect you?
  • Learning communication and news, interpersonal relationships are very important. Assess your interpersonal relationships and the biggest problems in handling interpersonal relationships. How to deal with them?
  • Talk about your family background, how you interact with your family and how it affects you.
  • What you think about microblogs. Are you using "Puff" and "Twitter" or operating IG and FB?
  • Which website do you visit most often? Do you have experience shopping online or being a seller?
  • Is there a personal blog? How long has it been written? What to write?
  • Are you using facebook? How many friends are there? How many fan groups have you participated in?
  • What kind of extracurricular activities do you like? What clubs have you participated in? Normal leisure activities?

Second category

  • • What is your most contact with the media? Have you ever read those books related to communication journalism? Comment.

    • Tell three major events at home and abroad within a week, with brief comments.

    • Explain your most impressive advertisement, news program, favorite anchor, etc., and explain its impact on you.

    • What media job do you most want to do in the future and why? And your understanding of this work.

    • Promote ourselves in the simplest paragraph so that we can leave a deep impression.

    • Please name three reasons why you should be admitted to the journalism department.

    • If after entering this hospital, it is different from what you originally thought, what will you do?

    • If you are admitted, explain your plan during the waiting period until September.

    • Do you have a favorite anchor? why? Tell me an impressive news recently.

    • What books have you read about communication? Comment.

    • What kind of personality traits do you think you need to study in this department and engage in journalism?

    • If you are admitted and wait for the start of school, how will you arrange it?

    • How many points do you think your oral test performance can be scored? What do you think about today's performance, and do you still need to add?

    • What if you are not suitable for this department? After entering this hospital, what will you do if it is different from what you originally thought?

    • Have you ever visited Ming Chuan News or participated in a news camp? What impressed you the most about the website of our department?