The words of the dean of the department


Welcome to join the newsman industry

College career can be said to be the most brilliant golden years of life, but also the best time to create and multi-learning. In front of you , it is no longer just textbook knowledge, there are more open life topics to learn. And Ming Chuan University’s Department of Journalism can provide you with the best learning environment.


Ming Chuan University’s communication department have four departments of journalism, radio and television, advertising and communication management, and the department of journalism is the oldest department in the department of communication. In the face of the dramatic changes in today’s media environment, digital convergence and media integration into the mainstream, the concept and connotation of news has obviously been different from the past definition. This department combines new media from the traditional point of view , is to cultivate you to become a keen observer of the changes of the times, social pulsation, and can provide the public with the latest , fastest and most sure information of the media sharp soldiers.


The department’s greatest advantage is that it has always had excellent professional teachers with both theory and practice, which can lay a solid theoretical foundation for students and carry out curriculum design in line with the needs of the market ; Another feature is the complete study of media practice: first, the freshman and sophomore under the complete media basic education and training, until junior and senior year, students according to the department planning internship, field interviews and editing media industry, academic dynamics, and then learn the new and old media flow of training practical experience. This complete media practice education can win direct employment opportunities in addition to strengthening the practical capabilities of the media.Bottom of Form


In the face of the fierce competition between the media and the job market , the department also comprehensively tutors students to refine the language and workplace employment license , in order to enhance the competitiveness of your employment.


Of course , in addition to college , there are community and love credits , waiting for you to study. In addition to regular activities within the department, the department also organizes various activities in conjunction with the Academy (such as the chorus and cheerleading, etc.), so that you can learn about the planning and implementation of the activities and can be successfully implemented.Top of Form


Finally, you are welcome to join the department, in a diverse and open learning environment, to drum up your curiosity, operation and dissemination of new technology, and market growth. I believe that in such a studying atmosphere, you will be able to develop a positive attitude towards life and workplace survival functions. If you would like to know us, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist you. Universityis the golden stage of life, I hope that with our company and assistance, you can quickly study in the Department of Journalism of Ming Chuan University , and create your own brilliant and rich university life !